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Catholic Cursillo

Becoming the Good News!

What is Cursillo?

An Encounter with Christ

The Cursillo Movement is dedicated to spreading the Word of God and helping people form a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.  The Cursillo employs a method that emphasizes the importance of a balanced life of piety, continued spiritual study, and action.  The Cursillo method enables you to:

  • Expand your prayer life

  • Spiritually grow through an  ongoing formation process that increases your knowledge about God's Word and your Catholic faith.

  • Spread God's Word in a natural way to the people you interact with in the very environments in which you live.

What is Cursillo?

The Cursillo is an encounter with Christ.  It  promotes a spiritual revitalization of our world.  By living a fully Christian life, we bring Christ to others, including members of our family, school, workplace, etc.  Cursillo develops a consciousness that we are called to be leaders.

In the Cursillo Movement, we approach evangelization as a very natural act of being Christ-like within each of our daily activities. We realize that while most people would like to live their lives in a Christ-like manner, the pressures of the world often make this difficult. The Cursillo Movement provides a method and a technique to provide each of us with the tools, the mentality, the strength, and the support to make this natural type of evangelization possible.

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